Season 3 Episode 3

Hey what’s up? I just finished my massage class for the day. No more school until night classes! We finished learning the arm, and next week we’re starting the stomach. Unfortunately, they save the best for last: the back! Besides for that, I’m going to a dance show today. The main dancer is using a song I composed for one of the dances. How cool is that? I’ll put it on here so you can listen to it. I’m going to start attending her dance classes once a week. I’m so excited!

I’m saving up money to go shopping; I haven’t gone proper shopping since the summer! I have bought a few things here & there, but nothing major. I would go back to america just to go shopping. And see my family of course! I love you guys! Everything’s pretty chilled here, and I think I’m going to go work on some new songs. L8r!


Season 3 Episode 2

Okay, this thing is happening! I just finished my m.j.i. tests, and I scored really well! This is to get scholarship money for my sem. I went to r.b.s. for Shabbos in the end, and I had  so much fun! Hanging out with my friends is actually very enjoyable,  lol. I am currently doing my fave thing = on my computeeir. Pronunciation = Cum- put-ee-er. This is the way I like to say it, along with many others words, like confused = confuzzled, or when I’m really confused, funcuzzled.

Tomorrow is a lovely fast day, in which we don’t eat, drink or be merry. I also try not to faint. I’m very good at doing that. We don’t have night classes because of the above, so I can  party- in the dorm- in the kitchen-and eat. What a party! I’m going to have so much fun that I won’t be able to blog about it, because of all the secrecy involved. There’s going to be about 100 girls, lots of macaroni, and possibly music. Oops! I let the cat out of the bag. (I meant cheese.)                       Better luck next time!!! (That was so corny. No pun intended.) Ciao!

Season 3 Episode 1

Hey peeps, what’s up? Welcome to season 3. I hope this one lasts a little longer than season 2, lol!!! So I’m back in Israel for my second year of sem. I don’t know what got into my head to come back, but here I am, crazy & all! It’s been a boring blast so far, with lots of each. I am currently in the doldrums. (For those of you who don’t know what that is, make google your best friend! For everyone else, I shall redefine it. The deadest, boringest part of the sea, somewhere by south america. One can sit on their little boat for days there. And I shall sit on the couch for a few months.) So I am actually sitting on a chair right now, which is better than the couch. The reason being because I will be able to stand up whenever I want, and not wait for someone to pull me up.                             I need to figure out my Shabbat plas for this week. Rbs? Or maybe I’ll stay in J’lem. Idk. I have work tomorrow, which entitles babysitting. I really do enjoy my job. I could write on my resume; Babysitting- from 2004-present. I also clean once a week, which is a little more interesting. Oh, and I’m in massage school, so I’ll be a massage therapist next year, I”H. Then my resume will look like this. Babysitting- 2004-2013. Massage Therapist- 2013-… Oh yeah! It’s already 1:30 & I’m still up. Somehow I’m not surprised. This is actually early for me, because last week my schedule looked like, 3:40, 4, 2, etc. I hope to write again soon, and make this thing happen yo! Ciao!

Season 2 Episode 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to season 2! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to blog until now, because the computer in seminary has very limited access. But I’m writing now!!! So here’s the scoop.                                                                                                                           Seminary: Midreshes Shmuel

Type: Hashkafic with performing arts (Singing, Dancing, Painting, Drama, Music Theory, Recording, etc. Also Craft and Sewing.)

Girls: From all over the world, including, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico and France. 10 shana alef (year 1) 6 shana bet (year 2)

Location: Smack in the middle of Yerushalayim! Right between Geula and Yaffo, so shopping galore!

Schedule: Limudei Kodesh in the morning and night classes. Performing arts in the afternoon and at night.

The school is amazing and I love it. I’m having an awesome time. We’ve been on a few tiyulim (trips) already, like nachal og, the dead sea, ein gedi, eilat, and numerous hikes and other things. Last week my school performed at the leonardo hotel in the dead sea. We performed in front of a few hundred women, and we got to stay at the hotel overnight. We ate breakfast and supper there, chilled in the dead sea pools and in the jacuzzis/saunas. It was a blast!

Seminary life is awesome, people! Post any questions and comments you have, and if you’re interested in coming, let me know! I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you! Ok, it’s time to go now, but I’ll be back sooner or later!




Season 1 Episode 15

Hi! I am sitting on the couch with my trusty old netbook on my lap. I went on a long 45 minute walk today, so I’m relaxing now. I can’t believe that tonight is Tisha B’av. It’s crazy how time goes by so fast. My sister and her friend are making a camp for five hours tomorrow. I was thinking about doing it with them, but 1. I didn’t call anyone up, and 2. I think it’s important to think about the fast and the bais hamikdash this year. I hate it when people cry though. They start sobbing their hearts out and then it makes me want to cry! Not even because I feel like crying, but it’s just my reaction. Do you think that crying makes it more spiritual for you than just thinking about it? Tell me in the comments box please.

I am seriously getting excited for the bar mitzvah. Every day it comes on more and more. I haven’t seen my relatives in so long and I’m really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do afterword. Well I guess packing for seminary and last minute shopping. But still, it’s not enough to do for a whole day…

Have a good day peoples! Ciao!



Season 1 Episode 14

Hello people! How are you guys? I’m awesomely awesome! I am babysitting right now, but the kid is sleeping, so I have some spare time. This is my second to last week on the job; I’m so sad! I’ve had this babysitting job since December and it’s going to be weird not to come here anymore! Well, life goes on. My brother’s bar mitzvah is next week, and after hours and days and week of shopping for the perfect dress, I found the perfect dress. Only it wasn’t so perfect. It had one strap on it, and my mom wanted two. So I went hunting for a dress again, only to find out that I really, really liked the first one and I couldn’t find anything else. I decided to buy my gorgeous white eyelet dress and I brought it to a seamstress to add a strap. Problem solved!

I have finished the long and tiresome job of peeling wallpaper and I primed the walls already. I’m all ready to paint, except we are still deciding on a color. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ll put a picture of it up. Other than that, I’m still waking up late and doing absolutely nothing with my days. I go on the computer so much that my mom calls me an addict, which I am. I also randomly clean up the house when I’m really bored., which happens a lot too. (Funny, she doesn’t call me an addict for that..)

I am also trying to tone up and I found a website called! So I am using their website to help my jiggly arms and abs become toned and muscular. I’m working out about three times a week, and doing fun stuff on the other days. Like on Sunday, I did the wallpaper and stuff, Monday I worked out. Tuesday I went laser tagging, Wednesday I worked out. Unfortunately, there’s nothing fun to do for the next 3-4 days, so I will be working out. My goal is to look as amazing as I can by next Shabbos, which is when the bar mitzvah is. I think it’s better to work out and see results, instead of having fun, but not burning as many calories.

I finally got a ticket to go to Israel. I’m leaving on September 4th. For those of you who don’t know, I will be going to seminary there, and I’ll be gone for about 9 and a half months. Hopefully I will be able to keep up my blog there, and hopefully there will be more interesting things to write about! Until next time. Ciao!

Season 1 Episode 13

I opened up the shade and let the sun stream into my room. I knew today was a good day! I went to secretary of state for the last time (until 2014 anyway) and I waited for a long, long hour. My number was called, so I got up and presented my folder of paperwork to the lady. Then I got a horrible picture taken and I was out the door! Goodbye! I won’t miss you! Just a side note: why do most people look bad in their passport or license pictures? I was wearing makeup and I still looked weird! Weird. So that is the end of my long, very long, drawn out, stressful week, which will hopefully never happen again.

I know that I’m writing about this a month later. I have no time or patience to write about everything that happened in the last four weeks, so I’ll just give you a summary. I had my job a few times a week and on most of the days that I didn’t have my job, I slept in. I went shopping WAY too much, I was in every mall that I know of, almost. I now know every store by heart, and I will not be shopping for a while. Well, I’m actually going out tomorrow… but not clothes shopping! At least I hope not. I also played lots of piano, watched lots of kids and other things, and had lots of boring moments. Oh, and I finally took my graduation/senior pictures yesterday. I’m also working on stripping the wallpaper in our kitchen. The end.


Season 1 Episode 12

This episode is continued from the previous one. I went to the house where we were having the recital at to practice on that piano. Some other people came to practice too, so I listened to them play and sing. When my mom came to pick me up, I was so miserable and stressed and stiff that I made her take me to the chiropractor to get adjusted. I always feel so much better after I go. Then I came home and practiced some more. Wow, way too much piano!

My piano teacher called me last minute and asked me if I could play a drum for one of the ensembles. I said yes, (which in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have, as there was so much going on already) and I agreed to come practice at six fifteen. I didn’t have time to eat supper and it was pouring hard when I left. I sat on a folding chair for a while doing absolutely nothing. I practiced playing the tamborine with them once and then it was time for the recital.

I played three pieces, one of them which I made up. It is by far, my favorite piece ever! Obviously. After it was over, I went to my haircutting course. I sat in the car, shoveling the food that my mom brought me into my mouth as fast as I could. I called my model to tell her that I would be late, only to find out that she wasn’t home and couldn’t come. Luckily, my sister was in the car, so I grabbed her and made her come with me instead. Save! After I came home, I just sat on the couch and relaxed. All the stress just melted away…

To be continued one last time!

Season 1 Episode 11

This episode is continued from the previous one.

After coming home and resting for a bit again, I ate supper and went to my first hair cutting course. It was by far the most incredibly boring thing I have witnessed in my entire life of almost eighteen years. Have you ever watched someone get a haircut? If you haven’t, or even if you have, here is a play by play. The stylist asks the client what they want. They discuss some options together. Then the stylist picks up her scissors. Cut, cut, cut. Snip, snip snip. Comb, comb, comb. I stood there for an hour and a half. Wait a second; can I back out of this? Do I really want to do this?!?! I came home and complained about it to anyone within earshot, although most people scurried away like mice about to get eaten by a rat. I went to bed at eleven thirty and woke up at eight for my babysitting job until five.

Tuesday was uneventful except that I was gave my first haircut. Aaah! It’s like driving a car for the first time, or going on a really crazy rollercoaster. I just get this crazy feeling and I get all excited and nevous at the same time. I decided to start with my youngest sister, who’s almost seven. It was pretty tough because: 1. It was my first time, 2. She’s pretty young, and 3. She kept moving her head and grabbing all the jellybeans in front of her. It was like, move, grab, move, grab, “sit still”! Move, grab, move, grab, “sit still”! i think you get the idea.

Although it took me an hour and a half and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, I managed to give her a very cute haircut. When I came home, I immediately had to call my piano teacher and play her the songs I was going to play for the recital, because I was to busy to come to her house.

I had a nerve wracking day on Wednesday. I was supposed to try and get my license again in the morning., but then the hair cutting lady called me. She wanted to know if I could come do another haircut at ten fifteen for more practice. I ended up saying yes, so I dragged sister number two (who’s ten) along. I gave her a very cute haircut as well, and it only took forty five minutes! I came home, grabbed my very important and official documents, and realized that I was missing my permit as well as my social security card. I nearly blew it. Well, i kind of did blow it. Every five seconds I would either start to tear up or get really stressed out and angry and mad and sad and not at all glad about it. Or i would yell to anyone who was near me, (again, not too many people.) I spent a long time looking for it and trying to call secretary of state to see if I even needed it. (Don’t bother trying to call them. Ever. If you decide to leave the automated system, you will be on hold for hours.) I didn’t go in the end, and I just decided that I was never going to get my license.

To be continued tomorrow. Ciao!

Season 1 Episode 10

Hey everyone! I had my grad party on monday and it was a lot of fun! We ate lots of awesome food, (I made most of it) and hung out. After most of the people left, my two closest friends and my sister stayed and we had a blast! We danced around my living room for a bit and ate the rest of the food up. Then I went to my friend’s house and watched the amazing slideshow that she made for her classmates of their high school experience. I was pretty exhausted by that time, but I cleaned up the mess from the party anyway. Then I took a nap for forty minutes. Before I continue, I need to backtrack to Sunday.

I woke up, did my things and I was ready to go take my drivers test at twelve. I brushed up on my skills for a while before and then I arrived at the building. The dude said I didn’t have an appointment, which I though I did. I told him that I had left him a message saying that I was confirming it, and he said that unless I talked to him, there was nothing doing. I was slightly upset, but he said he could fit me in at four. So I came back and took the test. (Minor detail: I crashed 3 cones on the parking test, but I still sort of passed. I think he had mercy on me! I was awesome on the driving part though!) Back to the last part.

After I woke up from my nap, I went to to get my license from the secretary of state, but I quickly realized that I didn’t have my social security card with all the other hundreds of documents I needed to prove that I wasn’t an alien. So I didn’t get it and I got all mad and stressed out. I will continue the saga tomorrow because I am exhausted beyond exhausted. Ciao for now!